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Friday, November 7, 2008
We are definitely in a time of change. I have a new found sense of hope for our future, our children's future. I feel like for the first time I can exhale....breathe. Hope is not sinking into a pit of despair any longer....we have been thrown a life vest and HOPE FLOATS!!!!

Maybe I am thinking a little to naively, but I really feel as though we have definitely taken a step in the right direction for cancer patients, health care...all of the above.I am working on developing a new Patient's Bill of Rights to send to our new President Barack Obama. I would like your input, comments, thoughts, and suggestions. Please get involved and let's help HOPE FLOAT! Let's give our new President the tools he needs to make sure the health care crisis is rectified, that patient centered care is a priority, a right and no longer a privilege for the financially wealthy.

Send your thoughts and let's get started! YES WE CAN!!!
Posted by Nancy Thomason 

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