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Google Syndrome - Patient's Beware

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

With so much information at our fingertips these days with the internet, even a well educated and self empowered patient can get caught up in what I call "Google syndrome". Google syndrome can be summed up by this defnition "a well intentioned effort to educate one self regarding health problems, prognosis, symptoms and potential outcomes through the search engine Google to the point where everything you read you believe and take to heart as being the truth because you found the information through Google".

Okay, I made up that definition and the term Google syndrome, but I think it illustrates a point I am trying to make. Not everything you read in the press, magazines, or even on the internet can be taken as being the God's honest truth about anything. That is why many organizations such as the Oklahoma Brain Tumor Foundation, American Cancer Society and other health advocacy organizations will typically provide you a list of suggested websites you can visit to find good, reliable information regarding your health.

Please don't listen to just any Tom, Dick or Harry regarding your health. Be selective and use only credible sites that are known to provide reliable and accurate information. There are many good sites avialable for you to use and there are many sites that aren't. You must be selective in what you allow yourself to read and who you allow to influence your health care decisions.
Posted by Nancy Thomason

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